Ukrayinska Pravda, Kyiv, Ukraine, Wed, December 21, 2005

KYIV – Ukrayinska Pravda continues the charity drive “We Are Together,
We Are Many, Let’s Help” that was started last year. If we take a look

around, we will always find someone who needs our help.

Our first priority is to help orphanages that are lacking hot water,
bedding, pencils, soap, and other basic necessities, not to mention
clothing, dishes, etc.

Last year we published a list of orphanages with their addresses and

phone numbers. You can view the list here

If you know addresses of other institutions such as senior care facilities,
orphanages, or individuals that need help, please include their information
in your comments.

Let’s show we care. Every one of us can make a difference and brighten
someone’s life.

The Orange Revolution demonstrated that Ukrainians will give everything
they have in order to support the right cause. Last year people brought
hot tea and coffee, pots of borscht, gloves and warm clothing to the
people on Maydan.

Maydan became a symbol of feeling that “WE CAN!” Today, WE CAN
help those that need it most.

It is our children. Children that do not have parents, but they are our
children. Do you know that there are thousands of them?

It is our seniors. Those who have not had a visitor in a long time, but
they are our neighbors, our seniors. It is someone in a wheelchair who

might be spending all his or her life inside the apartment. Maybe it is
your neighbor.

Go to the orphanage; bring them some fruit, candy and toys. Or holiday
decorations. Bring them clothing and books.

Maybe you have an old computer that can be fixed and installed in the
classroom. Internet providers can donate web access. Photographers can
donate their pictures. Plumbers can assist in fixing the old pipes and
businessmen can donate money to build new playground.

Please make a call to the orphanage and ask what they need. And they will
tell you: “Everything!” They need everything from TVs, VCRs and printers,
to pictures, linen and dinnerware. They need vitamins and medicine.

They also need your generosity, your kindness and attention. There are

many ways in which you can help. What is important is that you do it.
Children who need help (by region)
Article translated into English by Yana Rathman.

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