News Release: Jackson-Vanik Graduation Coalition
Amb Steven Pifer and Amb William Miller, Co-Chairmen
Washington, D.C., Friday, December 23, 2005

WASHINGTON – The Co-Chairs of the Jackson-Vanik Graduation
Coalition, Ambassadors Steven Pifer and William Green Miller, today
criticized the December 20 statement by the press service of Ukraine’s
Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP), as published
on MAUP’s web-site. That statement is factually wrong on several counts.

[1] First, the MAUP press statement claims that there is no connection
between recent statements by MAUP and efforts in the U.S. House of
Representatives to pass legislation to graduate Ukraine from the Jackson-
Vanik Amendment.

Coalition representatives, however, in recent contacts with Congress have
heard considerable concern about the anti-Semitic nature of MAUP
statements, in particular those statements expressing MAUP’s support for
the Iranian president following his outrageous remarks regarding Israel.
There can be no place for anti-Semitism in a modern European democracy.

[2] Second, the MAUP press statement attributes several quotes to Mark
Levin, Director of the National Conference of Soviet Jewry (NCSJ). Mr.
Levin, a very active and supportive member of the Jackson-Vanik
Graduation Coalition, has never made such comments.

Indeed, he is extremely concerned that recent MAUP statements will
weaken support for Jackson-Vanik graduation among those Jewish-
American organizations that make up the NCSJ.

[3] Third, the MAUP press statement falsely suggests that Ihor Gawdiak,
President of the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, is an opponent
of graduating Ukraine from Jackson-Vanik. To the contrary, Mr. Gawdiak
has long supported graduating Ukraine from Jackson-Vanik and has been
closely involved with the Jackson-Vanik Graduation Coalition since its

Mr. Gawdiak has criticized earlier MAUP statements precisely because of
his outrage at the nature of those statements and because they could delay
Jackson-Vanik graduation for Ukraine. -30-



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