DONETSK – Excerpt from report by Ukrainian regional TV channel

Ukrayina on 19 December.

Ukrayina TV, Donetsk, in Russian 1900 gmt 19 Dec 05
BBC Monitoring Service, UK, in English, Monday, Dec 19, 2005

[Presenter] The talks between Ukraine and Russia [on conditions for
delivery of Russian gas to Ukraine] should go to the government level.
They think so in Moscow and Kiev.

[Correspondent] Gas talks between Ukraine and Russia have risen to the
level of prime ministers at last. Two former prime minister were looking
for those to blame today.

[Yuliya Tymoshenko] All the intermediaries, in effect, destroyed the balance
of Russian-Ukrainian gas. If the new Ukrainian authorities have enough
political will to cut out all those who have attached themselves by
suction – a company like RosUkrEnergo, for example, has 7bn cu.m. of
gas a year – and allow Ukraine to receive this gas then there won’t be any
It is necessary to stop corruption, shadow schemes. Then the issue
of natural gas will disappear.

[RosUkrEnergo, the company that handles deliveries of Turkmen gas to
Ukraine, receives gas in payment for its services.]

[Passage omitted: former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych says that
officials at state oil and gas company Naftohaz Ukrayiny are to blame for
the dispute – see TV 5 Kanal, Kiev, in Ukrainian 1700 gmt 19 Dec 05.]

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